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Posted by on Sep 27, 2015 in Outside | 5 comments

Why Building Stuff and Wood-Mizer are Awesome

Why Building Stuff and Wood-Mizer are Awesome

There’s a line from the musical, RENT that says the opposite of war isn’t peace, it’s creation.  I’ve been thinking about that today while working around the cabin and stacking some freshly milled lumber.  I’m not actually sure it’s true, but it’s thought worthy just the same.  It’s not so much peace I’ve been considering, but rather the act of creation.  The act of building something that wasn’t there before.  It seems our world is divided up into a few different camps these days.  Those who want to make something.  Those who tell you what you made is wrong.  Those who tell you why you can’t make something.  And those who sit around wondering if they should make something.


I’d like to think I fall into the first category.  I like building things from scratch or taking old things and making them new again.  I have a lot of respect for the people who try to help others build things.  Especially the people who lend a hand when they really don’t have anything to gain beyond the satisfaction of watching someone else succeed.  These are the behaviors that bring people together.

We live in a world where that sort of behavior is outside the norm.  We live in a world where the growing rule of thought is, I’m right and you’re an idiot. Just a few minutes online and you can see all the different ways people are trying to drive wedges between people.  It’s the media. It’s the politicians.  It’s the corporations behind both.  It’s people and companies that have a financial interest in dividing people.   The problem is too many don’t see it.  They think it’s only the other side trying to drive us apart or that they’re on somehow infallible.

The problem is that in the world of storytelling the person who thinks they’re better than everyone is, by definition, the villain.

So mostly I’ve dropped out of that conversation.  I don’t preach at people anymore.  I don’t want to prove I’m right or that you’re an idiot.

I just want to build stuff.  Cause building stuff is awesome.

On a side note… I want to make an unsolicited comment about Wood-Mizer the company.  I’ve never made any secret about how much I like my LT-15 and I stay in touch with the company regularly.

However, there’s one thing about them that I don’t think I’ve ever really talked about.

The reason I bought the saw in the first place wasn’t because I knew how awesome it’d be.  It was seeing all the good stuff the company was doing that it didn’t have to.  I read stories about them sending saws to remote villages in Africa just to help.  Or organizing sawyers to go help clean up after a hurricane.  The list goes on. They didn’t have to do that.  They just did.  And yeah, I’m sure that it’s good PR, but as someone who teaches PR I’m pretty sure they could have had more cost effective ways to gain some brand awareness.

Long story short is that I bought a Wood-Mizer because they like to help the people who like to build stuff. They like to help people make their own little corners of the world a little better.  Even when they don’t gain anything from it.

And that’s pretty awesome.  I think there are a lot of companies, politicians and people who could learn something from them.  I know I have.

So stop fighting.  Go build something instead.

In the meantime… live well…laugh often…love always.

Delibrio Animosus,



  1. One of the things my dad always said was thst you’ve got your dreamers and your doers. You, sir, are a doer and good on you for it. Hope all is well at the cabin and greetings from Albuquerque.

  2. (you said) “I just want to build stuff. Cause building stuff is awesome” You’re singing my song. Build on!

  3. In-sync with the way u think !!!

  4. I have a question. I just bought a small plot of land in northern Alabama and I want to cut the trees and build a cabin. Is the TL-15 something a woman can run? How many people do you need to run it?

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