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Posted by on Feb 9, 2014 in Land | 0 comments

hot coffee and a working toilet

hot coffee and a working toilet

It’s a freezing morning at the cabin. The thermometer dropped to 8 when I topped the mountain coming back this morning. Factor in the 20 mph winds outside and it makes for a substantially chilly day for a southern boy. We had to head back to the other house Saturday night which means the cozy and warm cabin we left was an 800 sf freezer when I got back this morning. But, the wood stove is doing it’s thing and we’ve warmed up coffee cupfrom sub-zero to a balmy 50 degrees. Not that I have running water inside, I shut off the water and drained the system, but there’s still something frozen somewhere keeping the water at bay. So I just resorted back to my old method of a bucket and the freeze-proof faucet outside.

Hot coffee and working toilet…

I’m thankful, the next option is to go back to the outhouse which would have a serious Aiyeeee factor today.

There’s still work to be done on the farm. Some fence to be repaired and some wood to mill up if the tractor will start. Diesels are a bit temperamental on cold mornings, but we’ll find out.

More good comments coming in from you guys out in cabin land via the inter-web and occasional phone call. Keep it up and keep helping each other. We may not all live near each other, but neighbors are neighbors just the same.

Stay warm everyone.

In the mean time… live well… laugh often… love always.

Delibrio Animosus,

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