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Posted by on Oct 15, 2018 in featured, Land | 0 comments

Change in the Wind

Change in the Wind

“Pray do not interrupt me,” he wrote. “I am smiling.”
― Jack London, The Sea Wolf

The rain falls cold and steady.  There is no wind or lightning.  There is only the drop of the thermometer as summer finally loses its grip.  The steady beat of the rain is the only sound in the cabin this morning outside of tapping of the keyboard as I write these words.  Outside my window a yearling doe is munching acorns under the oak.  Her back is arched against the rain and cold and instinctually she knows lean times are ahead.  The world is changing.  And I am changing with it.

What is it that I can tell you that you would wish to hear?  I don’t really know anymore.  But, perhaps it’s not what you wish to hear anymore that interests me.  I’ve grown tired of what shows up on my screens.  I think I would rather focus on writing the things I wish to read.  I believe that’s part of the problem I’ve had the past few years.  Trying too hard to write my words and my life to meet the expectations of others.  Let me declare those days are done.

Here is an update.  I still live in the cabin, though we bought a sailboat that we keep on the Texas coast and I split my time between here and there.  And truthfully, I do it quite happily.  My nature is to move.  Not sit still.

And the other part is the resurrection of creativity.  I packed it away thinking it was getting in my way of accomplishing things.  Perhaps it is the lens in which I find joy.  So please don’t interrupt me as I nurse it and my soul back to health.

More is coming in this space.  The format will change to fit my mood.  I have something completely new on the way as well.  That thing you’ll have to figure out for yourself.

So for now I pray that you live well, laugh often and love always.

Delibrio Animosus,




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