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When the market crashed in 2008 everything changed.  Every night I saw people losing their jobs and homes in the wake of corporate greed and government incompetence.  It was then that I decided to really take my life into my own hands.  I was going to build a cabin without any debt on the family farm that was also free of any debt.  No longer was I going to leave the quality of my life in the hands of others.

Billy Reeder

I had four rules:

1.  I would only buy what I could afford to purchase with money in the bank.2.  I would have no timeline to complete it so I would never be pressured to rush or buy something I couldn’t afford.3.  The cabin had to be beautiful.
4.  The cabin had to be built to last well beyond my lifetime.

Over the years, I’ve discovered this pursuit has attracted the attention of other like-minded souls, so I thought I’d share the journey here and with a series of videos.  So, I’ve been taking a lot of pictures and documenting the process, and now I’m bringing it to you.  Hope you can get something out of it.

– Billy